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Solventless THCA

Solventless Diamonds

What is it?

Solventless THCA is a  live cannabis product. Using heat and pressure, rosin is fractioned into THCA and terpenes. This yields a potent concentrate with total cannabinoids in the 90%+ range.


Start with a dab the size of half a grain of rice or smaller. About .01-.05 of a gram. As a reference; THCA Diamonds with a total cannabinoid content of 94% would be 940mg per gram, so a .01 dab would be 9.4mg and a .05 dab would be 47mg.


How do I use it?

Place a small dab into a dab pen, electronic dab nail or similar device.


Benefits, Uses and more information

Extract contains little to no terpenes. Very potent with very little smell.

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the precursor to THC. This means that the chemical structure of the two compounds are similar. The main difference is that THCA has an extra small molecule attached to it known as a carboxyl group. 

Fresh marijuana plants are generally low in THC, with higher levels of THCA. As cannabis dries and ages, the carboxyl group molecule is released from the THCA very slowly, leaving THC in its place. The speed of this process, known as decarboxylation, is greatly increased when cannabis is heated or burned. 

In its unaltered state, THCA has many therapeutic benefits, leading people to seek out ways to consume the cannabinoid in its natural form.

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